14" x 3" Powder Coated Washable Filter Flow Air Cleaner Black

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  • Anodized Trim, Anodized Base, Black Element
  • Fits carburetors and TBI throttle bodies with 5-1/8" inlet
  • 14 by 3 inch tall assembly with Extraflow filter lid
  • Zinc plated 1-1/4 inch drop base for increased hood clearance
  • Requires a minimum of 2.9 inches above carburetor flange when installed
  • Color:Black
  • Filter Flow 14" x 3" Air Cleaner Kit
  • Fits All 5-1/8" Opening Carbs
  • Base has slight drop. Total height 4"
  • Our Filter Flow Kit gives you the power you've been looking for. 
  • Cleanable and reusable, 
  • The Filter Flow Top filter delivers outstanding engine protection and comes in a wide range of applications. 
  • The 14-inch tops are available in black with a Powder Coated trim ring.
Please note: Does not include Twist on tie down.